Letters to the Editor

Fight suicide with prayer

Have you been reading or hearing about the increase in suicide among 40-some-year-old white men? Did you read the July 16 Courier-Journal article about the rise in suicide among middle-schoolers?

Here’s a suggestion for prevention: On Friday nights, the Jewish father gives the children ages 4 to 10 the Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:24-26), complete with hands on their heads. Mothers could do it if there’s no father around. This gives the youngsters exceptional spiritual and mental strength. It would be good to suggest this activity to church parents. It would be even better to suggest this to the general public through letters to the editor, magazines, radio programs, TV stations and more.

For those over 10 years old, how about prayer walking the troubled areas? For best results, walk two or three times a week, with three to 10 people in a group. You might even spark a revival.

J.B. Armstrong