Letters to the Editor

Put Morgan statue at Horse Park

Why not the Kentucky Horse Park for the John Hunt Morgan statue?

This would be far from the seat of government and the painful connotations of Cheapside. The statue’s history could be posted as for other equine displays, completely in accord with the educational focus of a museum. A form of art with roots in the Renaissance, the mounted equestrian statue would complement other bronze sculptures found throughout the park.

Ironically, there is a new fund-raising campaign for a statue to honor another brave mare, Sgt. Reckless. Why not let the statue of Morgan riding an anatomically incorrect Black Bess fulfill a similar function to honor the tens of thousands of equines who unwillingly made the supreme sacrifice during the Civil War?

I’m sure park visitors — many of whom are women and horse-smitten little girls — would find the addition of testicles to an otherwise worthy mare amusing. Perhaps a suitable representation of the very machismo that provokes unrestrained domination and aggression against others in the first place?

Gloria Allaire