Letters to the Editor

Trump’s bad advice to police

President Donald Trump’s comments encouraging violence on the part of our police will only result in more deaths and unnecessary injuries to the public and police. His statements only ratchet up the fear in law enforcement and the citizenry. His comments are dangerous and irresponsible.

We are a nation where the standard of justice is the presumption of innocence. There are no summary judgments, punishments and executions; these happen only in authoritarian police states. Only an authoritarian/fascist dictator would counsel police to behave in such a manner.

Local and state governments must stand up and state that their respective police forces will adhere to justice as described in the Constitution. The police are protectors of the peace and safety; they are not Gestapo or KGB agents to be feared nor should they behave as Trump advocates.

Trump would set back police-community relations more than five decades; as communities and police forces we cannot allow that to happen.

Robert Moreland