Letters to the Editor

Trump following Hoover’s lead

When President Donald Trump was the mystery man, he assured us he was out of sight. Now that he has been exposed as the verbose, do-nothing, bean-counter-in-chief he actually is, he isn’t so hot. Trump’s dark, snarly cynicism is not what people want from their president.

When Trump placed the highest bid in the Republican Party’s moral-bankruptcy auction, he assumed that he owned the rank and file and so was owed a pledge of allegiance to the United States of Trump. That former FBI Director James Comey changed his registration from Republican to Independent is telling.

Trump, so far, most resembles the failed presidency of Republican Herbert Hoover: loud-mouthed, do-nothing, protectionist with magic ears that can hear only the voices of the wealthy.

Trump’s style has irritated the European Union, Japan and China, even though the United States borrows about $2 billion a day from them to finance part of our deficit spending.

Where does this grim story end? In a depression, as Hoover’s did?

Allen T. Kelley