Letters to the Editor

Ways to protect abortion rights

Why not look to free-market economics and the U.S. Constitution for a common-sense solution to the abortion controversy?

We need to free ourselves from job-killing regulations. You don’t need some government bureaucrat to keep an investment adviser from flimflamming you or stop you from buying tainted food or dying in a coal mine accident. If one person dies or gets sent to the poorhouse, it’s OK so long as someone else makes a buck on the deal.

Why should the government tell a doctor how to run his business? Non-profit abortion providers should just switch to the profit motive and the invisible hand of the market will guarantee just and moral pregnancy outcomes.

Then there is the Constitution. The Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” An armed homeowner can kill a burglar in Kentucky, so why can’t an armed medical professional kill a fetus? To be safe, a doctor should openly display his weapon during the procedure and might want to tape tiny pistols to the surgical instruments.

Morning-after pills? Sell them inside boxes of shotgun shells.

Douglas Andersen