Letters to the Editor

Trump no beacon of hope

A recent commentary declared that President Donald Trump has returned hope to coal communities. The writer was a coal lobbyist, not a miner living in one of those poor communities. Trump has a long history of creating hope in people so that he can enrich himself at their expense.

People who signed up for courses at Trump University hoped that the courses would enable them to make a living in the real estate business. Instead, they were fleeced in a pyramid scheme that left them with nothing.

The people of Atlantic City hoped that Trump’s casinos would bring prosperity to the city and provide good-paying jobs. Instead, Trump declared multiple bankruptcies and walked away with a fortune, leaving the city, his employees and his creditors with nothing but unpaid bills.

The people who bought condominiums at various Trump-branded vacation resorts thought they were making a good investment in real estate that would appreciate. Instead they lost everything when the resorts folded without ever being completed.

In every case, Trump prospered while his investors lost, some of them losing their entire life savings.

Now he wants to pull the same con on the entire country. Beware the Trump tax cuts.

Kevin Kline