Letters to the Editor

Trump’s skewed vision

If President Donald Trump were transported back in time to Sept. 17, 1862, as the Battle of Antietam between Unionists and Secessionists raged before his very eyes, a battle with 22,000 casualties, what would he see? If he was transported back in time to Dec. 16, 1944, to watch the Battle of the Bulge with U.S. soldiers fighting the Nazis, resulting in 105,000 American casualties, what would Trump see?

Based on Trump’s explanation of what he said in Charlottesville, Va., he would attempt to justify it as simply two groups fighting. Both equally bad. Not that one group was trying to save the nation from the other. Not that one was trying to save the world from the Nazis. Trump sees the world through only his own eyes — eyes that no doubt cannot distinguish between right and wrong or simply do not care. Trumps “eyes” are a scary thing that threatens us all.

Bob Sutton