Letters to the Editor

Confederate leaders are idols no more

Statues of Confederate leaders incorrectly idolize them and what they did and represented. They may have been a part of our history, but that doesn’t warrant something so prominent as a statue. Think about it.

Do we have a statue of Tim McVeigh in Oklahoma City, Hitler at the Holocaust museum or Osama bin Laden at the World Trade Center? They are a part of history, but having a statue of these people would elevate them to a position of importance that should never occur.

Here in Lexington it is even more reprehensible that statues are in an area that was used for slave trading. Are we idolizing those that supported crimes against human beings? Is that how we want to have people view our city and the people who live here?

We shouldn’t rewrite history. We should though have an accurate remembrance of what happened, how we have learned from that and become (I hope) a better society. Does that mean melt them down and make something else? I don’t know. What I do know is that we have to stop idolizing the wrong leaders of the past.

Greg Weller