Letters to the Editor

Enforce codes

Code enforcement is extremely inefficient and costly. If I report a broken sidewalk, which I frequently do since I like to walk, the city will repair only that panel, because there have been no other complaints about similar panels down the block. Tax dollars are used for an employee to drive a city vehicle, inspect and photograph, use the bright pink paint to make Xs and then leave, only to return after the allotted repair time to approve or disapprove the work. There is no duty to look up or down the street for similar or worse infractions. Weeks later, if at all, the worker may make another trip to write up a property owner three houses down from the first. This is absurdly inefficient.

Overgrown hedges that force one off the sidewalk are a similar issue. I have called to complain and been told that the property owner was written up but is now in compliance. Not true. The hedge is not the requisite number of inches off the sidewalk.

The current system is illogical, inefficient and not uniformly enforced. If Mayor Jim Gray really wants to promote healthy living, including walking, he needs to revamp the code enforcement office or abandon it altogether.

Sally Wasielewski