Letters to the Editor

Oppose white nationalists

In regard to the planned white nationalist rally in Lexington, I urge people of all political affiliations to come out and confront these racists head-on. We need to make Matthew Heimbach, the alt-right (which is another sugar-coated word for white supremacists) and other neo-Nazis feel unwelcome in Kentucky.

These deplorable groups are not coming to Lexington to protest the removal of Confederate monuments. They are coming to Lexington to preach hate, violence and intolerance toward our Jewish, Muslim, African-American, Latino, LGBT, disabled and immigrant brothers and sisters. These same white supremacist groups preached hatred and intolerance in Charlottesville, Va., and they will do the same in Lexington and will be met with the same kind of resistance.

Racism, white supremacy and Nazism are not the values of Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky or the nation. They should not be welcome or tolerated anywhere in the United States. There should be no place in society for Nazism and racism. Racism of any kind is not Christian and racism has no religion.

Brandon Harris

Boonville, Ind.