Letters to the Editor

Wrong-headed relics

The Confederate statues celebrate men who sought to permanently divide and destroy this country. Today, we are greatly in need of leaders who call upon the citizenry’s better angels to work together toward harmony.

The statues glorify those who were willing to tear apart the United States for the most morally repugnant of reasons: the “right” to own people like livestock.

Lexington has the opportunity to be an example to the nation. The eyes of the country and undoubtedly those of history are upon us. I want our lovely city to be on the right side of history.

Too many of our political leaders, some in the highest public offices, cravenly avoid their responsibility to be examples of strength of character and to occupy a higher moral plane.

I hope that our local leaders can be examples of courage and stand with those who hope for unity instead of siding with wrong-headed relics, bronze or otherwise.

Emily Venters Coomes