Letters to the Editor

Protect Ky. from GOP

This is a plea for rural and urban voters to protect our public good by not allowing Kentucky to become a ruined rogue state like Kansas.

Current pro-wealth GOP politicians aren’t the moderates I worked for in Kansas as press secretary.

An extremist GOP now controls Congress and the White House and is going after the Supreme Court (think about Senator Mitch McConnell’s bragging about stealing Obama’s justice appointment).

This GOP wins by cheating and lying, gerrymandering, voter suppression or intimidation, obstruction, “primarying” moderates, demonizing opponents and tearing apart governments to turn taxpayer-owned public property, programs, and employees over to crony capitalist donors and buddies.

That’s happening in Kentucky by unknown Governor Matt Bevin, who, like Trump, won’t release his tax returns, stealing the governorship by 16.5 percent of registered. That’s not a mandate to redistribute our “common wealth” via complicit Republican state legislators.

Worse, white male GOP rulers won’t condemn Trump’s divisive sexist, racist tweets and executive orders. Why? They want tax cuts for their wealthy donors via health care, tax “reform” and infrastructure. In remaining silent, they provide cover for the emerging Trumpist neo-Nazi, white supremacist base.

Kentuckians, get off your duffs to vote out modern-day Republican robber barons.

Want change? For a change, support women candidates.

Ramona Rush