Letters to the Editor

Made in (not) America

I was in one of those big stores the other day, where you can walk for 15 minutes and never find the restroom. While my wife was shopping, I decided to go hunting. I was stalking something made in America.

My weapon of choice was a pen and paper and my turf was aisle after aisle. I examined 25 different items and wrote down where they were made.

This is what I found: China, 14; Korea, 1; Indonesia, can you believe, 1; Mexico, 2; Japan, 5; America, 2. Yes, good old USA, 2.

Scary, isn’t it? I can remember when you didn’t even look where things were made. You knew some hard-working, taxpaying American was making a living on the things you needed.

As my hero John Wayne said in “Big Jake,” “Times change.” You don’t know how right you were, Duke.

Daniel Jackson