Letters to the Editor

Keep us safe from guns

We are in a new social environment, one where divisions are wide and longing to understand opposing views is rare. One issue is guns.

Alongside a push by the gun lobby to impose national concealed-carry reciprocity, there is a rise of violence in the white nationalist movement, as in Charlottesville. This is discouraging and troubling.

It is time for gun sense because it is important to note that in Charlottesville, white nationalists were armed with several guns, promoting the idea that it is necessary to employ guns against “counterprotestors.”

We need gun sense policies: complete background checks, tougher requirements for previous offenders and sensible restrictions about where and when it is acceptable to open carry. After all, safety comes with strings. We can’t unattach them. The strings are in place to keep us safe from those who promote the use of guns to silence dissent.

On average, 93 people are killed every day in the U.S. by guns, 25 times more than other developed nations.

Sensible gun policies will keep Kentuckians far safer than gutting our gun laws, especially in the wake of purposeful uprisings promoting gun violence.

Kamaran Holt