Letters to the Editor

What would Jesus do?

Two so-called undocumented Mexican men were taken from a Louisville restaurant a couple of weeks ago, where they had worked as dishwashers for approximately 10 years, serving our community steadfastly.

Another Mexican man was taken from a construction job in Frankfort. He had been employed for nine years, working six or seven days a week with two small children at home with his American wife. An attorney had told him $5,000 would buy his freedom.

Mexicans harvest our crops, clean our hospitals and do industrial work that lazy Americans don’t. The list goes on.

The elitists in our government and those who support them appear to have a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege and political power and are using it to oppress these Mexicans.

Christians have been warped by this elitist thinking.

Would Christ, if he were here now, feel the same toward Mexicans in the U.S. as the warped Christian elite?

Does the Good Book say he cared for the poor and downtrodden? Did Moses free the Israelites from the oppression of the Egyptians?

Maybe we should put the title humanitarian along with Christian and American.

Let’s start here at home. A good Christian would already be a humanitarian.

Richard Jones