Letters to the Editor

Karma climate

I've become at peace in regard to man-made climate change. We are finally getting to the point that the frequency and intensity of these exacerbated weather disasters are going to start doing the one thing that will make oligarchs pay attention: Climate change is going to reach into their wallets. It will deprive them of wealth until their self-serving cost/benefit analysis will crumble as the deluges swamp them, the earth moves under their feet, the winds keep them in chaos and fires burn them.

At some point, when they see the demise of their quality of life, they will realize the cosmos makes us all equal in life and death. If they can't stop it by then, and they are not likely to, they will know what fools they are.

I won't muster even an ounce of pity. Let them reap the hell they have earned.

All I have to do is survive them. I stand a higher probability of doing so than they do, with my skills, even though the odds are still not good.

Robert Moreland