Letters to the Editor

Kentucky can’t afford Bevin

A study by the American Cancer Society linked cancer patients' survival time to insurance status. Kentucky has one of the highest rates of cancer in America. Kentucky also has one of the highest rates of opioid addiction.

The Affordable Care Act has reduced the percentage of the uninsured in the country. It provides coverage for cancer treatment and addiction treatment.

The Republican proposal to repeal and replace the ACA will kick around 32 million off Medicaid, and many of those will be Kentuckians. Governor Matt Bevin supports this proposal. His only effort in addressing Kentucky's opioid epidemic is to paint and hide rocks around Kentucky to treat opioid addicts. It is ludicrous to think this would help even one opioid addict recover. This program seems like something a child would come up with.

At this rate, Kentucky would be better off without a governor at all. Bevin's foolish positions will do more harm than good for Kentuckians. Kentucky can't afford the damage Bevin will cause to Kentucky if he gets his way.

Walter Frazier