Letters to the Editor

Divisive Pett cartoon

Portion of Oct. 1 cartoon
Portion of Oct. 1 cartoon

I am a political independent, not prone to reacting to commentary by the left or the right. I have never written to a publication regarding its editorial content, but I feel compelled to react to the Oct. 1 Joel Pett cartoon.

My normal reaction to Pett’s work comes with the understanding that he has a progressive slant and often operates outside the mainstream. I rarely agree with his message, but I understand it.

This cartoon, apart from being the most repulsive I have seen in a newspaper in my 65 years, displays a lack of taste and perspective that is incomprehensible. The fact that it was conceived, drawn, reviewed and still published displays an alarming absence of journalistic responsibility.

This item is divisive and disparages the original incident, the victim, the presidency and our Vietnam veterans. Surely you must realize it serves only to widen the division that threatens to tear our society apart.

I know this is editorial content, but is there no good judgment or any boundaries of taste? Please take the time to examine your content from the perspective of its impact on all people, not just those making the most noise.

Bob Bolton