Letters to the Editor

The choice: NRA or USA?

Kansas City Star

In a new country without means, the Second Amendment allowed people to keep weapons and drill as militia so they could be called to service if defense of the new republic was required. It allowed for defense of the new nation without funding a professional military.

That is the expressed, precise purpose of the Second Amendment. It has been twisted and perverted into something never intended.

Today the National Rifle Association has literally flooded our once-civil society with battlefield weapons and ammo. Any idiot with a dollar can get as many as they can purchase. The mass killing of innocents by idiots with battlefield weapons is not freedom, it is terrorism.

Every elected official and every citizen who supports the NRA supports the domestic terrorism it promotes. Elected officials who take money from the NRA don’t just have blood on their hands, they are complicit in the crimes committed by those who have easy access to battlefield weapons.

You cannot preach a religion of love with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. This madness must stop. Either we break the NRA, or it will break the USA.

J. David Hollingsworth