Letters to the Editor

Barr misfires on Iran deal

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr’s op-ed in the Sept. 27 paper seemed to be a fairly solid piece until he got to the last item — an attack on the U.S.-Iran nuclear treaty. Contrary to what Barr postulates, it has not “emboldened the regime in Tehran to continue its illicit ballistic missile program.” The agreement has in fact led to the destruction of all of Iran’s weapons-grade nuclear material and taken Iran out of the nuclear weapons business.

However, continued right-wing American opposition to the treaty has left the Iranian regime no choice but to continue its hostility, despite the fact that Ayatollah Rouhani has been trying for some time to moderate Iran’s position on several matters. This fact is widely recognized and explains why Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has supported the treaty. Get with the program, congressman. Mistakes like this can get us all into real trouble.

John Stempel