Letters to the Editor

Trump voters: Report for duty

Miami Herald

Kim Jong Un, like his father and grandfather, became dictator of North Korea. Throughout their rein, we Americans have worried about North Korea becoming nuclear capable, because each seemed crazy enough to start a war. The U.S. has employed every option short of military aggression to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear goals.

As worrisome as Kim Jong Un’s behavior is, he doesn’t seem stupid enough to start a war with a more powerful military. Even if North Korea presently had a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying all U.S. major cities and military installations, it would not strike the first blow.

However, I think that if we attacked, he would launch a massive retaliatory nuclear attack, whether we used nuclear or conventional weapons.

In the past, we have been blessed with leaders who had enough mental acuity not to start a preemptive nuclear war. That changed in our last election. I worry more about President Donald Trump starting a nuclear war than I do about Kim Jong Un. All you voters who were blind to Trump’s unfitness for the presidency, this war is on you. Strap on your weapons and report for duty.

William S. Watts