Letters to the Editor

Confederate statues are just reminders

Watching the historical statues being brought down makes me think there is more to this story. It started with the crosses, then the Confederate flag, and now historical statues. Why would anyone want to erase our history? Good, bad, and indifferent — it all needs to be told.

When I was young, I couldn’t understand why we need to know history. As I grew older, I understood that we need to know history so the bad parts never happen again. When untold, it does seem to happen again.

Slavery is one of the ugliest things I can think of, and it’s still happening today by pimps, prostitutes, human traffickers and drug dealers. This is what we need to spend our time, energy and money to abolish, instead of tearing down statues.

The Confederate generals were taken down in real life. The statue is only a reminder that there was a time of slavery, and our country vows that it will not happen again. We cannot erase our history without erasing what our country stands for: freedom for all our citizens and the idea that all people are in charge of their own lives.

Elected officials are not there to act as kings. They are here to make sure all citizens have the freedom and safety they deserve.

Bonnie Hughbanks