Letters to the Editor

PDR program vs. school lunches

Kentucky’s and Lexington’s governments must be so proud. They allow wealthy landowners on the board of the Purchase of Development Rights program to take a hiatus to allow them to game the system and reap thousands of dollars to agree to not develop their land. (This could be accomplished for free by zoning the area agriculture, but that requires logic and sense, and this is government after all.)

These farm owners then return to the board and pass out hardworking taxpayers’ dollars to their buddies. So far, taxpayers have shelled out close to $80 million in this ridiculous enterprise.

Contrast this with the school system’s practice of poor-shaming hungry school children by giving them a cold sandwich instead of a hot lunch. Aside from the nutrition implications, to hold a child up to ridicule and shame because they are poor is unconscionable. I realize changes are in the works on that front; however, this practice was taking place at the same time that large chunks of free money were being handed out to PDR recipients.

If we had brave government, they would tell wealthy landowners to farm their land or sell it to someone who will. Then they could feed school children for free.

Nina P. Reidmiller