Letters to the Editor

Use LED street lights to save costs

Lexington should switch all of its street lights to LED lighting. LED street lights are bright white, instead of the sickly orange color of our current sodium vapor street lights.

LED lights are more energy efficient, meaning less electricity costs for Lexington taxpayers. LEDs last four to five times longer than sodium street lights, meaning much lower maintenance costs. And because the light is white instead of orange, they provide improved visibility for pedestrians and motorists.

Lexington has had many pedestrian fatalities, and some incidents involved the police and fire departments. In one case, the police officer was the victim, standing in the street. I read that the street light on North Limestone was burned out. There have also been multiple pedestrian fatalities near the intersection of Loudon and North Broadway. Our city leaders just wring their hands and act like nothing can be done.

Switching to LED street lights is a no-brainer. Why is it taking so long?

Dave Cooper