Letters to the Editor

Another Big Lie

Adolph Hitler promised the German people peace with honor if they would approve his referendum to leave the League of Nations and give the Nazi Party total control of the Reichstag. Ominously, he said anyone who voted against him would be better off “if he no longer existed.”

Ninety-five percent of Germans approved Hitler’s plans to achieve equality in armaments, because he thought the Treaty of Versailles had dishonored Germany. Even 96 percent of the prisoners at Dachau voted in favor.

The Jewish leaders called his “vote ‘yes’ for peace” a “monstrous hypocrisy.” The American ambassador called the election “a farce.” Hitler went on to murder six million Jews and bring on World War II. He thought people would believe anything he said if it was repeated often enough.

Anyone see “The Big Lie” here in this country today?

Walt Dickenson

Clinical Psychologist