Letters to the Editor

Carroll defends pensioners

Kudos to State Sen. and former governor Julian Carroll for not bowing to pressure to step down as a representative for the citizens of the commonwealth. In defense of the allegations of his propositioning a young man for sexual favors: At least he asked, which is more than I can say for those of us who support those who brag of grabbing and taking whatever they want whenever they can, even when it is against another’s will.

Carroll has been a staunch supporter of the rights of state government employees, and in light of the fact that they are now being blamed for the woes of the pension system, his voice will be needed even more. Being accused of “gaming the system” to benefit themselves, when they are some of the lowest paid and least compensated state government employees in all the states surrounding Kentucky, is undeserved, especially when they met their entire obligation in support of the pension system.

Before accusing others of “gaming the system,” Gov. Matt Bevin ought to release his own personal tax returns, or is he afraid that we might find out who is really gaming the system?

David Jackson