Letters to the Editor

Pruitt depoliticizing climate science

The media, the renewable energy barons, the university climate consensus-meisters, and the environmental hucksters are apoplectic over EPA Scott Pruitt’s rescinding of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Clean Power Plan. Finally we have a sane and scientifically astute individual taking charge of a radicalized government agency.

As he boldly stated, this climate hysteria is a hoax. CO2 levels are rising, but the climate is not. Never are you given a chance to hear from highly credentialed climate scientists, who are every bit as concerned about the climate and Earth as the most radicalized climate agitator, but who open-mindedly challenge the unsubstantiated assumptions used in climate models, which for 25 years have been wrong 100 percent of the time in their climate projections.

The science panel of the United Nations has stated over and over again that the climate is chaotic and cannot be accurately modeled, but this information is weeded out by the political operatives that issue the Summary for Policymakers, which is used by governments to make policy. When science becomes politicized, it is no longer science, but a propaganda tool.

George Tomaich