Letters to the Editor

Pence stunt costly for taxpayers

Sacramento Bee

I hope everyone appreciates the irony of Vice President Mike Pence taking his own knee at the Colts game on the direct orders of President Donald Trump. Both seem to regard player protests as disrespectful grandstanding, so naturally the appropriate thing to do is fly in Pence at a taxpayer cost of some $250,000 to do his own version by staying a few minutes and walking out.

Never mind the inconvenience to the fans and city of Indianapolis for all the extra security hoops required for this “visit.” And certainly never mind the disrespect shown to Peyton Manning, whose jersey was being retired and who this day was supposed to be about.

To all the MAGA cap-wearers who are working two or more jobs to support families and pay their fair share of taxes — a concept alien to our president — be sure to write the vice president and let him know how much you appreciate the tax dollars you worked hard all year to pay being used for this stunt. After all, it was staged entirely for your benefit.

Jay Hopkins