Letters to the Editor

Writer just hoping for insubordination

A column by Los Angeles Times writer Doyle McManus, “Trump’s insubordination problem,” caught my interest. It cited Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s failure to comment, Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn’s selected quotes, and the words of Secretary of Defense James Mattis, which, admittedly, did not point to the president, as being proof of the title statement.

To someone who reads without thinking, McManus has perhaps supported his assertion. However, I dare say that any high school freshman debate team member could easily decide otherwise. Failure to comment is just that: it neither supports nor denies an assertion made by the press. The out-of-context words of Cohn are clearly outweighed by his response to a letter from 300 of his Yale classmates. And could Mattis have possibly had in mind our dysfunctional legislative branch and the wild statements currently spewing from both sides of the aisle? But McManus has the necessary clairvoyance to read the secretary’s mind. Obviously, Trump is not “his” president, so McManus, from his editorial pulpit, has gone rogue on the country.

The only thing he got right was to acknowledge that some will still support their country and this president in whatever capacity they are able.

William Knickerbocker

Hialeah, Fla.