Letters to the Editor

Do your job on health care, Congress

Under all the Republican health-care plans, people on Medicaid would loss coverage — if not right away, then within a few years. This would not only have harmed the patients, it would harm the economy. Those people were seeking medical care, which in turn created jobs in the medical care fields.

Should the states have more say in health-care dollars and how they’re spent? Possibly, but as Kentucky is currently busy trying to shut down Planned Parenthood in the state, I do’'t think it would be a good idea. Do Republicans hate all women, or just poor women? I don’t trust these people to handle any part of health care.

Congress should have been using the last several months to fix the problems with the Affordable Care Act, creating one good bill that people agree on. Instead, everyone is trying to score cheap political points, at the expense of constituents. Do your jobs. For once, just do your jobs.

Kathi Ailts