Letters to the Editor

Bevin looks down on us

Evangelist Jim Bakker said that if President Donald Trump is impeached, the Christian right will start a civil war. Since we’re living in the past, I’ll go ahead and say this to the Christian right of Kentucky: There’s a Yankee in the governor’s mansion.

I do not understand why they voted for a New Hampshire native. Why do they continue to let him talk down to them? The man talks like Kentuckians are trash.

According to him, we are all lazy slobs drawing off disability. As far as he is concerned, Medicaid means if granny needs a tooth pulled, she can pick up trash on the side of the road to earn her voucher.

And our teachers — oh, there’s a sorry, good-for-nothing lot. According to Gov. Matt Bevin, they cash in sick days instead of using them, which makes them thieves. Never mind the fact that we are dealing with people who work through sick days.

Kentuckians voted this Yankee into office, shouting hosannas all the while. Two years later, he is still shouting down his nose at the rest of us.

Now, let’s see you wave that rebel flag.

Victoria Brock