Letters to the Editor

Fund diabetes research

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As a person living with Type I Diabetes, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of this disease. I urge our members of Congress to renew the Special Diabetes Program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, our state continues to experience a high rate of diabetes. This is a huge public health-care expense and harms the length and quality of life of people with diabetes.

Scientists, funded by the SDP, have made amazing strides into the causes and treatments for diabetes, and these advancements were rapidly incorporated into medical devices and treatments. There will always be a health care debate in Washington, but there should be no debate about the value of the SDP.

A simple vote is not a dramatic change to the federal budget, but it sure has had a dramatic impact on my life and the lives of all those living with diabetes. The SDP is our path to treatments and even a cure.

I ask all Kentuckians to contact their congressmen and urge renewal of the critical Special Diabetes Program.

Victoria Vorholt