Letters to the Editor

A public call to protect all people, including the marginalized

Recently, a number of people of conscience from many religious, academic and community organizations issued the “Public Call to Protect All People.” Lexington Friends Meeting (Quaker) finds itself in solidarity with this call and we commit ourselves to upholding the call in our individual and communal lives. The call states:

1. We will protect and support the worth and rights of all people, including marginalized persons who are targeted, discriminated against or singled out for oppression by hate crimes or police state tactics.

2. We will oppose the aspirations of those who seek U.S. global domination through the use of propaganda, inciting terror, military threats, regime change and war. We will support instead the practices of diplomacy and negotiation, which lead to peace.

3. We will support a just economic order that is sustainable as a servant of the people amid the changes in climate that have already begun.

4. To keep these promises, we will reach across lines of creed, class, ethnicity, race and party preference in a spirit of empathy and learning, seeking relationships of solidarity with other groups.

Ben Griffith and Peter Hardy, Clerks

On behalf of Lexington Friends Meeting (Quaker)