Letters to the Editor

No to expanding Lexington’s urban boundary

The Urban County Council is considering whether to expand the Urban Services Boundary to allow development in the rural area. The “On the Table” initiative with 10,000 participants said not to do it; the Greenspace Commission survey said not to do it; and the Planning Commission and professional planning staff said not to do it.

More importantly, the commission and staff have recommended a study to establish metrics on when expansion should occur, where and for what. Through the study, the desirable goals in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan would be used to shape development.

It likely would include things like the protection of environmentally sensitive areas, design standards, multimodal transportation features, affordable housing, mixed use development, infrastructure and walkability. The study also would identify rural land that requires protection from development.

Should the council place expansion before the study, it would leave development almost wide open in the new expansion area. The agricultural area is important for its contribution to our economy and is essential to our position as the Horse Capital of the World.

The council has scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday, Oct. 24, in council chambers; anyone interested in the boundary and in planning should plan to attend.

Walt Gaffield

President, Fayette County Neighborhood Council, Inc.