Letters to the Editor

How do we ignore the evils?

I don’t see how you can report on parks, restaurants, sports and niceties when 2.3 million of our black and brown sons and daughters are rotting away in jail, paid for with our tax money.

I don’t understand how Americans can sleep with this blood on our hands. I have to assume we are ignorant of the facts that the United States houses 25 percent of the world’s prison population; 97 percent of our prisoners are jailed without having had a trial; black people make up 40 percent of prisoners.

The Herald-Leader is my main news source. I don’t think your paper should be all doom and gloom. But we Americans are oblivious to the pleas of large segments of our citizens. We all say the KKK was awful, but we have allowed racists to have full sway again once they changed the word black to the word criminal.

Your articles have informed me about many other issues. By educating us on these subjects, giving voice to our hidden evils, maybe we can figure out how to root them out, how to make America good.

Suzanne Zivari