Letters to the Editor

Reverse immigration for those who’ve been here too long

Immigration is a huge challenge for the U.S., but the wrong populations are being targeted for deportation. What is needed is reverse immigration of those who have been here too long, usurped entitlements and forgotten what opportunity really looks like or what to do with it, assumed ownership of a country they didn’t build, and of resources they have decimated, blaming “newbie” others, who stand on the shoulders of valiant immigrant forebears claiming their own “Manifest Destiny,” and who now favor “fake news” with spin-doctoring toward their own self-interest.

Every U.S. citizen should be required to spend a year out of the country every seventh year to gain perspective. Wouldn’t it be incredible if that exodus helped Third World countries? Because the deported U.S. citizens would become most unhappy living in tarpaper shacks with dirt floors with only limited access to potable running water and electricity, and very limited access to only rudimentary health care. Perhaps then they would know what opportunity really looks like and be motivated to do something about it.

Lewis Kelly