Letters to the Editor

Taxing churches could help cure national debt problems

We have evolved, all right. Straight out of the Mesopotamian civilization and the Anunnaki are our gods. The great flood, the tree of life, the tale of the prophet taken up to heaven, the story of creation, the quest for immortality and a deity who dies or goes into the underworld and returns to life or the surface of the Earth to in some way benefit the people were all tales in the Mesopotamian religion, which later interacted with the people of Canaan who would, in time, produce narratives which comprise the scriptures of the Bible. We do not know how many different Adams and Eves have come down the pike because of regeneration.

Jesus was created at the Council of Nicaea by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great from other messianic figures who were around before 2,000 years ago, because the Romans didn’t have any religion and needed one. The language spoken in the Middle East 2,000 years ago was Aramaic, which is a far cry from English. The concept of hell was created about a thousand years ago to scare people into coming to churches. Religions in this world are all about preying upon the weak, poor and uneducated while at the same time not paying any taxes on the $80 billion they rake in every year. If we were to tax the churches, it would cure a lot of our national debt problems.

Victor Privett