Letters to the Editor

Rant leads right back to where it began

The U.S. Capitol in August
The U.S. Capitol in August AP

We have politicians in D.C. who care only about their own re-elections; doing nothing then getting re-elected again and again seems to be all they’re getting accomplished. Time to set term limits on those loafers.

We have a president who can stir up more crap than a turtle in a mud hole, and he does it on Twitter and during public speeches, about things that shouldn’t even be of any concern.

Now North Korea says President Donald Trump has declared war on the country. Why is North Korea spoiling so hard for a fight with the U.S.? Let’s pit “Rocket Man” against ours in a no-holds-barred cage match. That should shut somebody up.

We have crazies with guns who can carry out ambush murders of the innocent. The Second Amendment protects our right to do this sort of killing over and over again. The argument is it’s not the gun’s fault, but the person’s who pulls the trigger. All right, then let’s pass a bill saying you must have a license to own any firearm, much like you do to drive your car. But it will have to go through Congress and we are right back where I started this rant. Geez, I give up.

Marty Fields