Letters to the Editor

Writer resents state-mandated paperwork for a medicine that is neither an opioid nor addictive

Once again, the Kentucky General Assembly has made the state a laughingstock. Making Kentucky the sole state in the union to declare Gabapentin, generic epilepsy and neuropathic pain relief prescription medication, as a Schedule 5 drug, is asinine.

The drug is not an opioid and does not generate a high. The claim is it can be used to intensify an addict’s high, but supposedly only at extremely high doses. I resent the stupidity of having to fill out opioid-control paperwork in order to obtain a drug that I am prescribed for diabetic nerve pain and which is neither an opioid nor addictive.

The mandatory questionnaire (again, only required in Kentucky) necessary for a person to obtain what was already a prescription-only drug is laughably bad and totally moronic. Addicts will not be inconvenienced; they will either go on the black market (as they do already) or cross the border to another state. Clearly, it’s time for a few illiterate pinheads in the Assembly to be tossed out and replaced with legislators who are less prone to knee-jerk reactions toward medical matters about which they are clueless.

Boys, go back to breeding horses and running pill mills; medical matters are obviously beyond your ken.

Thomas Weitkamp