Letters to the Editor

Show of compassion at accident scene

Recently, I was a witness to the aftermath of a serious automobile accident. Fortunately, no one appeared gravely injured, but it could have been much worse.

What impressed me was the response. Neighbors poured from their homes and drivers stopped to offer assistance, some of them clearly with medical experience. The first responders quickly arrived and took over, but those who could offer useful information stayed and spoke with police.

The road was totally blocked, but the drivers who found their plans disrupted either waited patiently or reversed course with not a single expression of anger or frustration.

Everyone I saw there — from the first person who ran to the vehicles to the tow operator (who cleared two vehicles from the road in a matter of minutes, one of which was upside down) — showed compassion, civic responsibility and professionalism.

The very best of humanity was on display in that intersection. I offered kudos to one and all.

John Vance