Letters to the Editor

Trump a master of distraction

Has anyone noticed that President Donald Trump is masterfully distracting us from the fact that he has not solved one major issue during his nine-month stay in office? Like a snake-oil salesman, he has kept us looking in the wrong direction.

The president has no plans or solutions for North Korea, health care, job creation, infrastructure rebuilding, tax reform, immigration reform or the rebuilding of Houston, south Florida or Puerto Rico.

It is time to give up on Trump and demand that our Congress step up and pass legislation that will solve the major problems of today. It is also past time for American citizens to do what they historically do best: solve the problems by sending solutions for each major issue to our elected federal officials. Then each citizen must demand action by our senators and representatives.

Doing nothing by allowing Trump to distract us is unacceptable. Now is the time to get involved in moving our country in the right direction. In the words of a ’60s song, we need to “give a damn.”

Tom Sweeney