Letters to the Editor

Quit robbing taxpayers for disability checks

I read the article on disability in Kentucky, and I can’t believe the high volume of claims in Kentucky. I have a brother who rode his bicycle from Winchester to Richmond and back, plus walked 18 miles and back for most of his life. Recently they found that he was born without a valve in his heart. And yet he accomplished retiring from the military as a major and also from Toyota.

This proves there is too much fraud in disability in Kentucky. Many play the “mental card” in order to get a check. I’ve seen them after receiving their checks run out and buy a car, run the roads and have a grand old time. I’ve seen them riding their Harley around town while working for cash. It’s sickening how many have sucked the system and are never investigated. It’s the same with all other government handouts: too much fraud.

We, the taxpayers, are tired of this robbery of our tax dollars. Unless they are totally incapable of working, stop this fraud.

Mary Haggard