Letters to the Editor

Walk a mile ...

America has too many guns and too many abortions, but absolute bans are not a solution to either problem. After all, there are some people in coal country who need guns to put protein on their tables. There are rape victims whose lives might be saved by a morning-after pill. Nevertheless, some hotheads shoot friends because they feel like it and others see abortion as a trendy lifestyle option.

Our country is seriously divided on these issues, even though both sides base their stances on the sanctity of human life. Both sides are driven to extreme positions by the same moral standard.

How do we solve this? Let’s start with a thought experiment. Put yourself into the shoes of someone else. Think about what it must be like for a woman who was raped at gunpoint. Was she thinking about the Founding Fathers or the joy of telling her husband that she is going to have a child? She is more likely wishing that her attacker did not have access to a gun, or considering whether abortion is the better of two awful choices.

But everyone is different. Talk about this experiment to others. Maybe we can progress beyond our current stalemate.

Douglas Andersen