Letters to the Editor

Trump must change now

It is amazing how similar the first months of President Donald Trump’s term of office have been to that of former President George W. Bush’s. Until 9/11, Bush’s presidency was a failure. All he did was abolish many of the policies of his predecessor, like Trump.

Then, after 9/11, Bush stood on that pile of rubble at the World Trade Center, with one arm around the shoulders of a first-responder, and used a bullhorn to make a speech our country needed at the time. It was a real presidential moment that united the country and gave us all hope.

Now, 16 years later, almost to the day, our country is suffering from a series of huge natural disasters. Instead of taking time to promise that the federal government would do everything necessary to help, Trump quickly visited for photo ops with local officials.

He had a perfect opportunity for a “Make America Great” again statement, but he instead retreated to his phone to tweet silly comments about Hillary Clinton. Get with it, Mr. President. Show some real backbone and start turning your term around before you really blow it.

Pete Johnson