Letters to the Editor

When racism is personal

As a physician, I took an oath to care for all individuals regardless of their beliefs or background, a moral imperative in which I take pride. However, on the day before Thanksgiving, our clinic encountered the harshest expression of racial intolerance that we have ever seen from an individual, especially one whom I had hoped to help.

I am a native Kentuckian, born and bred, but my name and complexion reflect the proud heritage of immigrant parents. Uninhibited racism is on the rise, and I seem to encounter it more frequently than ever before in my life.

Perhaps it is because seemingly anonymous online arguments are more prevalent than face-to-face conversations. Or maybe it has surfaced since prominent national leaders express misogynistic, prejudiced and hateful language with apparent immunity. Whatever the cause, I express my gratitude to those who stand for equality, respect and a basic standard of dignity. The social fabric of every nation fluctuates. I am confident, however, that the narrative of our country will return to the beacon of hope for compassion and kindness that inspired my parents to join this great melting pot, the United States of America.

Dr. Danesh Mazloomdoost