Letters to the Editor

In defense of Ashley Judd

The writer who called Ashley Judd an embarrassment to Kentucky is clearly uninformed and, not strikingly, a male. Yes, she is a “nasty woman,” as are the millions who voted for Hillary Clinton and marched against President Donald Trump. The writer doesn’t know the origin of the poem Judd read at the Women’s March and surely never bothered to research it.

I heard Judd speak at the University of Kentucky when her graduate fellowship award was established and heard her many humanitarian accomplishments. In a state where we are ranked near the bottom in education, Judd is currently a doctoral candidate. But don’t let that influence your narrow opinion. Just check out the Time “Person of the Year” Award. You’ll find more than enough support for her contributions to society. The next time you write to trash her, you’ll most likely need to address her as Dr. Judd.

Cheryl Barber