Letters to the Editor

Bevin works in secret

Despite growing evidence from financial experts that Gov. Matt Bevin’s pension reform proposal is flawed and will not alleviate the underfunded state pension system or provide a livable retirement to new hires, he is hard at work, with a new effort to push his pension reform through the legislature.

Just as before, Bevin is operating in total secrecy behind closed doors with little to no input from potentially affected stakeholders. Educators and state workers spoke out in great numbers against his initial proposal, and support in the legislature for the governor’s proposal eroded. Yet here we are again with secrecy and exclusion ruling the process of solving a problem that undeniably needs to be repaired.

Like Sen. Joseph McCarthy of the ’50s waving his phantom list of alleged Communist collaborators, Bevin works feverishly away from the public eye while he rants that no alternatives to his proposal are being put forth.

Yes, governor there are viable alternatives and solutions being offered. But it’s hard to be exposed to them when your ears are closed, your doors are shut and, when you do speak, you repeatedly insult those who loyally serve Kentucky each and every day.

Ernie Whisman