Letters to the Editor

Ask for action

The responsibility for the pension crisis lies with the Kentucky legislature.

This governor, one man, cannot be allowed to devastate the financial lives of so many. It’s not humane, it’s not ethical. The fact that he is going to business groups, chambers of commerce and so-called “public interest” bodies to make his case is insulting to the people most affected, who have no seat at the table.

It is the duty of our legislature to oversee the whole state budget and find funds to shore up the pension programs. There are many expenditures that can be reined in, modified or canceled, such as some generous tax incentives that are higher than the taxes brought in. Also, nobody seems to have a handle on how the incentive program is evaluated. There has been an ongoing call for tax reform — studies funded, reports given and filed, in both Republican and Democratic administrations. No actions.

The affected parties need to make their outrage known. Contact your legislators, urging them to face the critical situation that their own body caused.

Frances Ball