Letters to the Editor

Don’t rush pension overhaul

I really do not understand all the rush and secrecy around Gov. Matt Bevin’s pension reform plan. True leaders act deliberately and judiciously, carefully examining an issue and paying attention to the consequences of every proposed solution.

Punishing hard-working public employees and pension beneficiaries for the mistakes of prior legislatures is cruel, unethical and should be illegal. They gave their best years to Kentucky, under specific expectations that the state would stand by its contractual obligations. The pension is part of their pay, only deferred for when they are older. To forgo instant gratification to ensure future prosperity and self sufficiency is something we used to encourage in this society. Trusting our government is what we were taught to do as well. Were we fools?

Bevin should take the time to do this right; it has such a long-term impact. He should keep everyone involved and be a true leader and diplomat, and not be so vain as to think he is the only one who understands this issue and knows how to solve it. Be sure to act with empathy, sensitivity and charity. Remember, what is done in the dark will always be brought into the light.

Kacreasa Wagner