Letters to the Editor

Fooled again by Trump, McConnell

Charlotte Observer

President Donald Trump called his tax cuts a huge Christmas present for Americans. They will be for the Trump family and anyone rich enough to afford a membership at an exclusive Trump golf course.

Also benefiting are Sen. Mitch McConnell and all the conservative politicians who will get much bigger bribes — sorry, I mean donations — to their super PACs.

For average Americans, Trump and McConnell have a different holiday in mind: April Fool’s Day. When ordinary Americans pay their taxes in April, they are going to find out they didn’t get much.

McConnell has spread the bad news over 10 years, so every year the average Americans are going to get less and less from the tax cuts while the rich will be getting more and more.

And that $4,000 pay raise Trump is promising — sorry, super PAC donations and bonuses for executives come first. Republicans plan to pay for their tax cuts by cutting government spending on everything so the cost of education, health care and more will go up, too.

For the 26.8 percent of Americans who elected Trump and the 25.5 percent of Kentuckians who elected McConnell: April Fool’s, suckers.

Kevin Kline